What patients are saying:

“I have been suffering from pretty bad cystic acne for years and have tried everything! I have spent sooo much money on treatments, have seen many different doctors, dermatologists and acupuncturists, and although acupuncture was the only thing that ever even slightly worked, I still continued to break out.. Until I found Jenny. She’s incredibly talented and gifted at what she does! She figured out the underlying cause of my acne and other problems. She cares, takes her time to do different treatments on you, figures out the right herbs for you, and never rushes to get to the next patient in order to squeeze as many patients as possible into her day (as I have experienced with quite a lot of doctors). She’s so knowledgeable and explains everything so well!
My condition will require more time and treatments to fix but I have only been seeing her for about three months now and I can feel my body behaving differently, starting to function properly. My overall health is better, and I think my hormones are balancing themselves out because my skin is doing better than I remember it ever being.  This is something I’ve been dealing with for about 7 years and literally spent thousands of dollars trying to fix and nothing has worked until now. I am so thankful for this amazing healer!” – Vanessa B.

“I started seeing Jenny for fertility this year (no diagnosed issues, just going to start getting my body into better health for a baby). Jenny is truly a gifted practitioner. She is punctual and extremely efficient. In 1 hour she manages to do excellent patient intake with deft awareness and interpretation of your chart and situation. She is prepped before you appointment starts and remembers exactly where you are in your cycle/treatment/symptoms. No time is wasted here. Then she will do fertility massage, cupping, and needles and moxa (depending on where you are in your cycle she will apply what is best for the time). Her massage is strong and effective, as is all of her other methods. I have seen amazing results and changes in my body for the better. During my appointments I will ask Jenny many questions about fertility. You know the kind of questions you ask on the baby forums and then you realize that they just increase your anxiety and no one on the forums is medically educated!! Jenny can answer all of my questions and give me a succinct medical explanation (that I can understand!). She is extremely knowledgable and really knows her Chinese Medicine. Jenny also works with my Natropathic MD to coordinate all of my treatments. She also prescribed me herbs which were helpful. Jenny truly is one of the best practitioners I have worked with.” – Alice S.

“Anxiety, depression, pregnancy support, bowel issues, muscle pain, you name it, she can make it better. I’ve seen her for over a year, started when I was pregnant and feeling overwhelmed emotionally. She helped me so much, I kept going back after the baby was born. A truly sympathetic person, but also grounded in reality. We talked about my initial skepticism about acupuncture and she was never defensive. We also talked about my initial inability to lie still on a table for even 10 minutes during a treatment, and she stayed with me and did everything possible to help me through; two months in, and I was comfortable enough to fall asleep during a session. She’s super considerate, so I treat her likewise; call if I might be late, cancel well-enough in advance so she can reschedule. Jenny is a real treasure of a find, and I feel lucky to be her client.” – Mari M.

“I can not say enough about Jenny. When I thought that was it she was the one who pulled me out. Her education and knowledge is amazing, she is my go to over any of my MD’s. She is not pushy or opinionated as far as supporting you whether or not she agrees with you. Her technique is at a perfect level – depending where your own mind and body is will determine how much or how little she will approach and it’s always spot on! When I first started it took me about 1.5 – 2 hrs to get through a treatment and that consisted of 3 needles… I thought my life was going to be more stress fighting my anxiety to follow through with someone poking me with needles…. It has totally saved my life! I have been seeing her for at least a strong three years plus now and I have made enormous life changes including medication dosage lowering – stopping meds – my anxiety is way less – and so so much more. She has caught and helped so much more than any of my MD’s have and I’ve made changes to my medications I couldn’t be more thankful for! I would recommend Jenny 110%!” – A.J.

“Jenny is an amazing healer. She helped put my hormones back in balance and my husband and I believe she’s the reason we were able to conceive our daughter after I had been diagnosed with polycystic ovary syndrome and infertility. She also treated me all the way through my pregnancy, and now that I’m a new mom, I’m going back for postpartum support. Along the way she also treated my chronic lower back pain and various illnesses. I really can’t recommend her highly enough and I tell all my friends to see her.” – Sara B.

“Jenny Johnston is a miracle worker. I have 8 herniated disks that have plagued my back, right leg and neck. Jenny’s blend of therapeutic massage, acupuncture and cupping have made an incredible difference in my life. I started seeing Jenny in June of 2014 shortly after I had a major flare up of lower back and leg pain. Her efforts included attaching electricity to the needles that were inserted closest to the cause of the pain. After the first treatment I saw measureable improvement and after the second month I was making progress that I haven’t seen for over 12 years. I have had problems turning my neck to check my blind spot when driving for the past 10 years. Jenny’s treatments have alleviated this problem. My right foot has been cramped and painful since 2002. Jenny’s treatment has helped reduce this to a bad memory, as I am now pain free and walking normal for the first time in 12 years! Jenny also reviews vitamin and herb alternatives that have helped me. Do yourself a big favor and give Jenny a try for your chronic pain. I bet she’ll work a miracle for you as well!”  – Rich N.

“What I love about Jenny is her caring quality and commitment to her patients.  It is a winning combination.  I am impressed by her knowledge, and I’d like to say it again… her ABSOLUTE commitment to her patients.  Most recently, I used her services during my pregnancy.  Her treatments provided a great deal of comfort for me, particularly at the end of my pregnancy.  My doctor wanted to induce me, and Jenny gave me a lot of relief from stress and anxiety, and I believe, contributed to my having a labor free from any sort of medical intervention, including induction.  If you are looking for an acupuncturist that is gifted, as well as just being a lovely person, go see Jenny.” – Kristie N.

“I started seeing Jenny in 2006 for a neck injury.  Through massage, life-style coaching and integrative yoga she assisted and inspired my healing process. Due to Jenny’s influence, I am now an avid yogi and have kept migraine and neck pain free by following her protocol.  In 2010 I began seeing Jenny for women’s health and acupuncture.  She is thorough, well versed and mindful in her practice.  She works with me, empowering my healing process.  Previously, I was rather uneasy when it came to needles but Jenny’s gentle nature and professional touch put me right at ease and I can honestly say I enjoy her treatments.  I would absolutely recommend Jenny to anyone who is interested in achieving maximum wellness, healing long-term / chronic pain and balancing the body, heart and mind.” – Ruby H.

“I’ve been seeing Jenny for years, receiving body work and acupuncture, as a part of my regular wellness self-care. Jenny recognizes and meets my needs to serve the deepening integration of my mind-body-spirit in balance as I age. She is a true healer who possesses a sharp intellect, complete anatomical knowledge and a compassionate, open heart.”  Lydia P.

“Jenny Johnston, L.Ac,  is an amazing woman, she is for real.  Her expertise and skills are superior, wise and far reaching.  She is a true and powerful healer and rest assured you are in the best of hands.  She has a heart of gold, provides authentic caring, listens, non judgmental, quality ‘Doctor’ of Acupuncture and life. If you are fortunate enough to be in proximity, Jenny is exactly who to see to help facilitate realigning with self, self- intelligence, natures wisdom for healing and well-being.” – Diane F.

“Jenny Johnston has one of the most healing, attentive, calming personalities I have ever encountered. Her style of acupuncture is gentle and pain free. I always feel very comfortable in the treatment room. She is one of the smartest people I have ever met and I can tell she really does embody the medicine and is not only an excellent practitioner, but also an amazing teacher. She has gone out of her way multiple times to make sure I am cared for. When I was pregnant with my daughter her support was crucial. After the birth her treatments helped my body recover so much quicker, with less pain and bleeding. I strongly recommend Jenny Johnston to anyone seeking a skilled and caring acupuncturist.” – Crystal G.

“I have been seeing Jenny for several months–sometimes up to two times a week.  It is no exaggeration to say that the treatments that she has given me have turned my  health around and given me new perspective on the importance of balance in my life.  In the midst of my typically hectic schedule, appointments with her feel like a moment of calm in the center of a storm.  Other reviewers have commented on how peaceful, gentle, and healing Jenny is, energy-wise–how much she embodies the principles of her practice.  All this is very true.  I would add that she is profoundly compassionate and wise, bringing rare humanity and openness to her practice.  In the time-frame that I’ve been seeing her, I’ve also had regular appointments with an allopathic doctor whose rushed indifference, factory-farm-like attitude, and impatience with patient questions have furnished a stark contrast to Jenny’s demeanor and approach.  Needless to say, I infinitely prefer Jenny’s way of healing.  She is a brilliant TCM doctor, and I feel very fortunate to be treated by her.” – Christine H.

“Jenny is the best.  She not only treats my neck and shoulder pain, also takes care my overall health.  I am very fortunate to have Dr.  Jenny Johnston as my Acupuncturist.” – Lena L.

“My husband and I have been clients of Jenny Johnston for many years. Jenny is so gentle, caring and kind, and she has a powerful healing presence. We recommend her to all of our friends. She guided me through my  pregnancy, the postnatal period and beyond. Her healing presence and intuitive wisdom benefitted me tremendously as I made the transition to motherhood. I felt deeply grateful for her support, and for the support she offered my husband and his system during that time of transition as well. I give Jenny my highest recommendation!” – Jaclyn L.

“I have been seeing Jenny Johnston for about six months now and I can without a doubt say she is an amazing healer! She is extremely intuitive and also very meticulous in her assessments & treatments. In a few sessions she helped me resolve some issues with my back & neck, caused by arthritis plus a car accident, that had plagued me all last year. I love her quiet presence and manner… her treatments are gentle yet precise. I wholeheartedly recommend Jenny as a practitioner!” – Lisa C.

“She is incredible. Jenny is so attentive to your needs and highly educated. All my treatments this far have been so affective and helpful for my health in mind, body and spirt. I recommend Jenny to many of the client that are in my practice with full confidence. I am really grateful I bought the Groupon, however I have much more gratitude to have found an acupuncturist I fully trust.”  – Anonymous

“I think that Jenny was very professional, showed interest in my health issues and was extremely thorough. I will be seeing her several more times but, based on the first visit I would recommend her to others, something I don’t normally do.” – Anonymous

“Very professional and knowledgeable. It was my first time trying Acupuncture and I will definitely be going again.” – Anonymous

“I have chronic back problems so I have sought relief from many a massage therapist. Jenny was one of the best. She used a variety of styles and did a great job stretching out my tight neck muscles. I got up from the table in less pain and with corrected posture. Also I had a very restful nights sleep and slept later than normal. I highly recommend her as a massage therapist and look forward to getting an acupuncture treatment from Jenny soon. She definitely knows her stuff!!” – Anonymous

“Jenny is a wonderful Acupuncturist and helped relieve my symptoms greatly! I highly recommend her!” – Anonymous

“Really great massage, very intuitive, great pressure. Highly recommend” – Anonymous

“I had the best massage experience from their excellent staff,clean and comfortable office,to her amazing professional skill and ability. Seriously the best I’ve ever had. Thank You Jenny!” – Anonymous

“Jenny is amazing! She really takes the time to listen to your concerns and needs, and works hard to address these things! She is very conscientious, and goes out of her way to follow up and see how you are doing! I think she is awesome!” – Anonymous

“Super knowledgeable, extremely professional. Would definitely go back there.” – Anonymous

“Jenny is amazing!  She really listened to my concerns and needs and thoroughly addressed them all. As a health practitioner, she has a great combination of gentleness and strength that I really appreciate.” – Aileen V.

“My full deep-hearted recommendation for Dr. Jenny.  Jenny is a deeply intuitive, tender-hearted, wise doctor. Her care of me during a time of health imbalance was singularly invaluable, effective, and got me through to a place of more vibrant and strong health of body, mind and emotions. Jenny definitely embodies the gift of the medicine and the presence of Qwan Yin, which together make for a blessed prescription for health and happiness. Give yourself the gift of her presence for not only health imbalance times, but also for maintaining health and well being all the time.”          – Arianna H.